Fashion species of the planet

Women; the most fashionable species on the planet.

‘As beautiful as a peacock’. In the kingdom of animals, perhaps women are the most fashionable, a position that they might hold forever if……

Even though there are beautiful animals all over the universe, in the land, water and air, they seem to be satisfied and they don’t do that much to keep their fashion and good looks. Or is it because they might have other pressing needs other than just perfecting their fashion?

Women stand undisputed at number one in the race for fashion and beauty. Their animal counterparts play their part too, but they are far from stepping up the competition. The peacock is known to be perhaps the most beautiful creature on earth, and we all have our different species that we admire. But when it comes to women, it is a thing that most of us acknowledge.

And they love doing their thing; shopping all and every day, getting their nails done, getting into some form of cosmetic enhancement practice no matter how minute, spotting the most ‘outgoing’ fragrances, enjoying clothes of all sizes and shapes, spotting all sorts of colors on their lips nails, hair, etc and whole lot of bling that approximately averages to a kg. And nothing stands in their way; if extra (x2) high heels makes her feel cute and fashionable nothing stops her; it doesn’t matter if walking becomes a problem. And if it means carrying two or more handbags to take fashion to the road; bag 1: clothes, bag 2, make-up, bag 3: bling, then let it be. And even when at their habitats, they will spend a considerable amount of time picking out an outfit from their wardrobes.

And I ain’t complaining, its a thing that I love and enjoy seeing around me. There would not be that much else to see if they did not do their thing. Please DO keep it up!


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