An indecent proposal; fashion rehab

Louisiana’s Big Saggy Pants:

A lot of young people like wearing saggy pants, it is like a cool street dress code even though it tends to be exaggerated. Well, it might be fashionable to some but not to others. And since we all have different tastes, it doesn’t matter at all as long as the ‘Fashion Commandments’ are not bent, leave alone being broken.

In Louisiana, however, this fashion trend might be treated as a crime in the future, classified under the act of indecent exposure, and will be punishable with a 500 dollar fine and perhaps a 6 months bar time. And thats if the offender exposes any underlying wears or skin.

And after the bar time, “They’re better off taking the pants off and just wearing a dress”. And if I translate that literally, then it means that it will be legal for men to wear dresses. I guess this opens the door for people to experiment various fashions and criss-cross the line.
By the way is that like fashion rehab or what?

What about the ‘see me via’ dresses and pants, are they going fall under the same rule?


3 thoughts on “An indecent proposal; fashion rehab

  1. And in the same spirit go ahead and ban mini skirts that show a lot of leg, mini tops that show a lot of stomach and chest and b-r-a, skirts with slits. Ban all the tight clothes too for they bring out the figure, and that indecent exposure (of figure) -> its like seduction.
    Just because we have different tastes, doesn’t mean that we should be against those that we think aren’t cool or those that we don’t like.
    Might as well decide to ban all clothing if fashion ain’t your thing, there was that ‘Garden of Eden’ thing is Britain (where all the garden-mates went around their chores in their birth suits), and everyone seems to go with the flow.

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