Night dress

Ok, yesterday, I was listening to my morning radio show as usual. And there was that interesting discussion about what kind of night dresses are fashionable, or in other words, whats the trend in that.

People have different methods to go about this. Some go under the sheets in their birth suits while others take a whole load of clothes and under clothes. There are those that dress as if they are going for a work out while others do it in a swim suit like outfit.

In the show, two groups; -‘the birth suits’ and the -‘clothed’ dominated the discussion. The later seemed to be a little uncomfortable with the former for reasons such as

  • Emergencies at night – a burglary, – a fire etc
  • It might be considered unhygienic especially if its done repeatedly and the sheets aren’t cleaned regularly
  • Its just not acceptable, unless in a couples ‘late night show’

But, as long as you are hygienic, I guess it is okey to do it anyway, you know, whatever makes you happy. I, however find it really difficult to sleep fully clothed; in pajamas and all that, after making a few turns especially when am trying to sleep then the garments are strangling me and at that point I’ve to get rid of them. I don’t know how people handle that.

Anyway, no matter how we do it, I think the most essential thing is that we are fashionable, hygienic and comfortable. And if you go it in your birth suit, just make sure you have a plan B, you know some way to ‘rescue and or evacuate’ yourself in case of an emergency.


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