The sack cloth!

I gotta air a small complaint. A minor one. Well, not exactly a complaint, maybe an opinion. There is one thing that I’ve never understood; how comes it is so hard to go shopping and yet not get what we are after; forgetting the money factor for a second.
For instance, I go to a mall looking for a jeans pants. I visit all the stores, and out of all that stock they’ve got, I still can’t find some cool. You know, its either the pants are too tight or too large at the groin. For the former, if you try sitting, they come off, literally, for the later it feels like I am wearing a sack cloth; you know something like what captain Jack Sparrow would pick for a costume if he had the option.

If the waist, length and width gets along, then you surprisingly find that the pockets are too shallow such that you can’t even sneak your wallet, keys or phone into them, otherwise, they are too deep that everything ends up at your knees. Or the zipper is too small that it looks like you got some poop at the ‘exhaust’.

And you end up being frustrated and just decide to go with whats available. Is that why when you walk down the street you wonder what makes people dress in those stupid looking clad, looking like they are being featured in some scary movie or even worse, they are attending a ‘stupid costume party’?

And I still don’t get it, I feel like I’ve got to work with some designers and get some custom made clad. Its like they’ve forgotten that we are in different shapes, tastes and size. Or perhaps they need a ‘recipe’ to make some really edgy product, you know, whats referred to as ‘off the hook’ in street code.

Do you have some? And all you can is stick it in the far end or your wardrobe? Damn!


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