Humanoid robots

Fashion by definition; the make or form of something; an often personal manner or way; mode of action or operation; a prevailing custom, usage, or style; the prevailing style (as in dress) during a particular time; a garment in such a style ; social standing or prominence esp. as signalized by dress or conduct.
Humanoid robots are going be part of our fashion in the near future. These kinds of robots can be classified as home appliances for now. Later on, they are going to be more than just robots. They will become personal assistants, pets, trainers etc.
Take for example the recent development of humanoid robots that make facial expressions and respond to different sounds and words (languages). In the future, they will be more smart, speak our languages and behave as much as we do.
By then, they might enjoy as much rights and fashion as we will. And they will also be part of our fashion. Or even better we will be competing with them since we will be becoming wired as they become more human; blurring the bigger gap between the two worlds. And I bet some will even be smarter than us!
So far so good, there are some pet robots that can respond to human touch, care-giver robots that can assist old people or invalids and keep them company and some trial robots that can assist school kids in learning new stuff or skills. There are also plans to develop robots to assist future helmet and boots wearers.
In any case, you can imagine that the robots have to spot a similar look with their immediate human counterparts. For example a rescue robot will spot body amour just as soldiers will, while a school kids-trainer robot shall have a look that makes it interesting to kids; cool, funny, playful, and spoting young looks.
I bet there will be some form of human-robot martial relationships! May be they will drive us around and once in a while you can brag that your robot is smarter than your friend’s.