Code zero

Code (Size) zero.  It is an every girl’s wish, and I ain’t blaming anyone. But fashion, ain’t about being a size zero. Its like a joke that somebody should make themselves suffer to be a size zero while out there someone suffers sincerely, because they lack. And of course I ain’t saying that we should eat ourselves to extra(x3) large sizes.

Well some are naturally zeros but the rest just seem to take it too far. Stereotyping? Global warming?

For Pete’s sake, being fashionable means being comfortable with what you have, how your body looks like, what kind of clad you dress in. Not trying the opposite, because then you will not be fashionable, at least to me you won’t .

Talk about the Americans love affair with suvs.  Some decades ago, it was cultural or traditional for men to spot beer bellies. I am no psychiatrist but may be psychology plays a role in to how we perceive fashion and beauty and why some go the extra mile but to the wrong direction.

I don’t have any conclusions for this article, not that I’d not like to have one but it is just beyond my understanding to conclude it.


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