The next big thing: Smart fabrics

The next big thing in the fashion industry seems to be the production of smart fabrics a.k.a wearable devices. I had earlier mentioned that maybe we have reached the end of the line, meaning that there is not going to be some exclusive new designs in the fashion industry. i.e. because you and I are already satisfied with those pants and stuff. There is just no urgent need to go to another level.
Maybe yes, maybe no.
Smart fabrics are touch sensitive interactive textiles for electronic interface designs, which can then be used in wearable electronic applications. A good example would be the Levi’s I pod jeans, where the MP3 player’s controls are sewn into the inside of the pants enabling the wearer to control the pod remotely via the fabric.
Better examples are the Eleksen’s products such as handbags and jackets that have MP3 player or mobile device controls.

well, take a look, a picture will tell you a thousand words:

wearable spyder Wearable jaket kenpo

Backpack Backpack
And if you want to download images with higher resolution, click here

In the future you might as well be seen in something like this:

wearable fabrics

And what makes this the next big thing? Well we are now more than accustomed to carrying several personal devices around and to have a better experience, the industry wants to centralize the controls. In the future, your smart fabric may also be (RFID/) tagged and can be located anywhere around the globe, and especially if you will be in a helmet and boots.

And if you are still into it, there is more into it, take a look. Perhaps your home is gonna spot some furniture displayed in that page. And by the way some of these fabrics, are purely powered by recyclable energy. And even better some don’t even need any power supply.

Future fashion in application, on a cat/street walk;

Creative design include a buzzing bikini, a computer pants, hidden meaning, message in a jacket among others. Check out the whole article with images here


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