Baby, Don’t be shy

I’ve a kilt! Yea! I bought it about two years ago, in Scotland. Well, I’ve never had the perfect moment to wear it outdoors, not that since its purchase there hasn’t been some good weather and all that. Nah, I guess I am a little shy or in other words don’t have the courage…

Anyone with suggestions how to overcome that kind of shyness? I’ve been out a couple of times with a T-shirt that has some funny writing on it but I still feel coy because someone out there may misunderstand what it says or take it too seriously. Its like everything ‘extra’ ordinary that you might undertake is a time bomb…

What do we need to express our love for fashion? Well, at least I get to talk about it, just like Eddie Murphy gets to talk about his “Boom Boom Room” in that movie Life even though he outgrows his dream.


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