Okey, tattoos. They are part of us, or at least part of our way of dressing and decorating ourselves. And they, perhaps can be regarded as bling (Expensive piece of jewelry, mainly used to make one appear cool/hot). Anyways, I happened to be listening to one of those morning radio shows, and the presenters were talking about tattoos. And there was some suggestion that people should not get tattoos in a haphazard manner; they should do some thinking before going under the needle.

Firstly, they should consider what kind of a tattoo they should get. And some listeners (of the morning show) called in and said that you should not get your lover’s name or someone else’s name as a tattoo on you. Its just not recommendable! Why? Because you don’t know how long that ‘love’ is gonna last and even if it lasts, the tattoo is an art, not a love expression gesture. If your love thingy doesn’t workout, then you are left with something that really isn’t part of you.

You know how far this can get depending on the degree of devastation you are in after the break up/split up/separation or divorce.

And secondly, there are some parts of your body that you might not want to have tattoos on, even though you may not realize this. Apparently, some lady (subject of discussion in the show) was gonna get her bf’s name on her va-j-j.

Am not against tattoos, am for fashion with all that it partakes, but just be a lil’ careful what you are getting and where. You may also wanna consider the price of getting rid of somethings.

Fashion Rocks On (FRO)!


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