Summer heat

Its not even summer yet and the temperatures are already unbearable. Its hard to ride in the transit, stay indoors or do some hardcore, outdoor workout. Am just wondering if global warming is a reality, I can’t even get anything airy enough to wear outdoors. This would be a perfect time to amend the fashion commandments, you know just to loosen things a bit and allow the public to bend but not break the rules. Or maybe we should have one that says

  • In case of extreme weather conditions;
    • Hot temperatures, you may choose to remain in your birth suit, leave any building and body opening ajar, until conditions allow otherwise.
    • Freezing temperatures, you may remain in bed and turn on the heating systems until conditions allow otherwise

    You may also take any measures to guarantee body comfort at your own risk. Contact your insurance company before undertaking any extra ordinary measures.

Am not lazy at all, it just that the temperatures are unbearable!

As for you, you may wanna take that umbrella to the beach, apply some sunscreen to your skin, and some goggles for your eyes. I read somewhere, I think on BBC that some sunscreens are not that safe or something like that, choose carefully. Talk to your pharmacist if need be.

Have a hot summer, but don’t forget to cool yourself down and remain chic


3 thoughts on “Summer heat

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