This is why am hot!

Have you come across some perfect outfit, or even better do you own one? You know, one that is ideal for a certain occasion. Is it the clothes that makes us look great or do we make clothes look better on us?

Let me talk about Kylie Minogue, the Aussie, the pop singer. Everyone seems to love her outfits, even her concert dresses, and am no exception. I gotta say I love her too; i.e. idol/celeb-fan love. But, I always wonder if someone else would dress like her, would they still look hot like she does? She is got the looks, even without a thing on. She should be featured in that Mims hit song; ‘This is why am hot’ remix.

Well, I know that we are all unique and beautiful in our own ways but still, there is that beauty that stands out and it makes you forget what you were up to every time you come across one. I’ve been caught ‘offside’, and am grateful I’ve not had any law suits so far. Honestly am just too curious to resist the love for fashion.

Bottom line, I think there are those of us who are beautiful and there are those of us who know how to dress beautifully. Sometimes its just hard to come across the two in one.


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