The suit

Ok, this time I get to squeeze myself in to another new suit. It ain’t a square one though, its plain. Color: between pale and dark gray (read as Grey in international English). If you wonder where am wearing it to, go ahead and ask. It goes with a light green shirt (a favorite), a black, green flowered tie, black shoes. I ain’t sure what color the socks are gonna be, gotta wait and see.

My dresser, suggested a red/pink/blue shirt upon my request, but I thought that red cannot go with grey. It could be cool with a black suit; create a real contrast. Pink is not my kind of color so I let that slip. Ignored Blue, even though a favorite. I decided to make an exception this time. And I think the whole package looks great, at least my dresser acknowledged that. (I did ask her to give opinions based on looks and not business).


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