Shirts vs T-shirts

Do men look more presentable in shirts or T-shirts, or do shirts differentiate between men and boys? Or in other words, what do the ‘skirts’ prefer?.

Judging by the first impression, do we need to dress seriously or casually, to give the right impression? Outfits bring the stylish part of us to the open, its an art, and if we would dress ‘haphazardly’ then we would only be terminally ruining the way we are perceived.

And we are not really fashion conscious; at least for most of us, the need to impress and ….. makes us try our best, which at times, most of the times is, lets say, ‘way below standard’.
See it takes 20min on average for a guy to get ready for an outing while it maybe 5x more for the women, on average, and some of them don’t apply make up. And by the way, most of that time goes to standing in front of the mirror and reviewing the contents that fill their wardrobes. Make up comes later in the car or the bus.


One thought on “Shirts vs T-shirts

  1. I think it depends on what a girls taste is, I think. I’m a t-shirt man myself but when I were a shirt I attract a completely different type of girl…the shirt wearing type!

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