Fashion commandments

Dresscodes guidelines:

1. Thou shall fully (or partly) cover thy body as thou shall please.

2. Thy body covering shall be diverse and different; from inner to outer clads
3. Thy shall clean thy body covering at least once when they at dirrty

4. Thy body covering shall be cool, gorgeous, smart and sleek when thou shall attend special functions and important appointments and dates

5. Thou shall throw away (or recycle), thy aged and worn out garments

6. Thou shalt not undress thy neighbor unless on a mutual agreement to do so

7. Thy garments shall be designed poorly or with quality and shall bear a respective cost

8. Thou shall buy expensive gems (aka bling bling), make-up, and tattoo to pimp thy selves out.

9. Thou shalt not take off thy garment except during a bath, extreme warmth (e.g. global warmth), or when thy maketh love

10. Thou and thy garments shall remain faithful and of service to each other and in matrimony to the end


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