Fashion diversity

I just can’t help but wonder how diverse and universal fashion is. From the medieval times till now, the way we dress have changed dramatically yet the main objective; to cover our bodies have remained (at least for some of us, others have wanted to break that rule of nature). Traditionally, it was just a little cover-up for the bush man; a little over the —–. And that was it. Perhaps those who lived in colder areas had more than just a cover-up, but they also had their times to lose the extra covers; during summer. The modern man has gone a whole extra mile but only in a round-about. Maybe his clothes are now from various materials and they are kept clean from time to time.

Make-up perhaps came long before clothing, or so I would like to think. It is some type of a body covering too, and to some extent a medical thing. Traditionally, it was made from special herbs, soils, oils, fruits, nuts, fats and so on. The same is used today. Perhaps women consume make-up the most, and thats a good thing because it brings the best out of their beauty, huh., But maybe in those medieval times, men consumed as much make up as women did, but it appears to me that they’ve lost their affair with it and pursued other interests.

And perhaps if the designers don’t work harder, we will soon be reaching the end of the road; no more new designs. Or perhaps there would not be the need to design something new. For instance, what would be the best alternative to things like trousers, skirts, shorts? Well, that takes sometime to figure out, and thats why we pay them dearly every time we get that new pair of pants or skirt. For now they are just perfecting whats there, it will be hard to introduce a totally new concept and still obey the rule of nature (To (partly) cover and warm). For casual and extreme sports, there could be a little longer stretch than the ordinary clad but thats about it.


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