My wallet

I’ve been using wallets perhaps since I was 11 or so. Really loved them, especially when they really have content in them; you should have seen the grin on my face when I got the first one. It was half leather half plastic. A pretty good deal though for someone my age (back then), but I soon came to dislike it, and have not really liked any that I’ve bought after that. Simply because, I like to put my wallet in my pants’ back pocket and this tends to destroy them. Not just tearing them and breaking the zip but also ‘aging’ the bills while the coins destroy my cards. I know, I should not sit on it, but I just don’t like the idea of having it in a front pocket; you know. It is like one of those things that you dislike even though they cost you. And because of that I’ve had bad relationship with my wallets because it does more than just serve the purpose, no complains. But I still think that am yet to come across a perfectly designed wallet. One that can hold a few cards, bills, some coins, be sat on and still maintain the condition of its contents as well as its own.

Yep yep, there are those really big wallets that cannot fit into a back pocket and have to be carried in a separate bag but I consider that, lets say not right; how can I have a bag that carries another? I like keeping it simple, a wallet to the back pocket and thats it. You can imagine seeing me walking downtown carrying a wallet in a bag, KISS – keep It Simple Stupid.

This is yet one of those issues that I think I will have to live with, there are just no solutions to them.


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