An 80's sweater

Today I was riding to work in a bus that was half full. Even though it wasn’t cold, it was drizzling. Just a lil’ bit. Anyways, I had the guts to dress up in a T-shirt, a shirt, and an 80s’ pullover. It looks like it is from the old times even though it is new, but it makes me comfortable, its like I stand out from the crowd; you know, people in black jackets with zippers all over, long rain coats that make them look like watchmen or with those tight small jackets a.k.a ‘stomach cuts’. And i.e. because they only go as far as your stomach gets.

Even though I was half asleep, I did catch a pair of eyes or two looking my way and that cute lady running to sit by my side.. Doesn’t great outfit uplift yourself esteem at times?


5 thoughts on “An 80's sweater

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