Sport shoes

Last year, I bought myself a pair of sports (leisure) shoes. Really great in design and color. However, after hopping into them and around for sometime, they became dirty…as usual. But the problem with that was that I could not be able to clean the stains especially those from my jeans off no matter what detergent I used. I went from store to store looking for an appropriate detergent for the chore in vain. And then I started wondering how in the world someone would make such a good product, that is difficult to clean and even worse that is prone to stains.

You know how they make that eye catching ad that the first time you see the product you want it,….. And then the package comes neatly packed but at an expense; its good looks don’t last that long especially if you tend to like the shoes and make them an outing best.

Anyways, to .. with that, I still have the shoe in a nightmarish condition – looking old and haggard, even though it isn’t,.. am just (kind of) waiting for some shoe make-up to rejuvenate my shoes


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